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Theme parties are fun and unlike any other celebration. They allow an area to be transformed into a whole new world depending entirely upon the decorations. Tropical theme parties may include hula dancers, beach wear, lighted palm tree decorations, tropical dinnerware, sea food and coconut glasses.

This type of celebration is perfect for anyone who loves the ocean, dreams of visiting an island or is planning a wedding or honeymoon at a beach resort. If glamour is your preference, consider hosting a red carpet affair. With the styling of Hollywood, welcome your guests using a royal red carpet, fancy attire and fine dining.

This type of theme party will not come cheap, but will certainly be memorable. For the sports nut, consider hosting a theme party honoring their favorite team, sport or affiliation. Perhaps the male guests dress as athletes and the females dress as athletes or cheerleaders. The menu will be a breeze with a selection of common sports foods, such as hot dogs, BBQs, potato chips, sodas, etc. Pet lovers will enjoy a pet theme party.