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FAQ About Engagement Parties

FAQ About Engagement Parties

» FAQ About Engagement Parties
By Cynthia M. | Published 06/18/2006 | FAQ About Engagement Parties | Unrated

Now that you are engaged, the real fun begins! It’s time to start thinking about engagement parties, bridal showers, bachelor parties, the wedding ceremony, reception, honeymoon, etc. Before we get to the big list of things to do, first things first. Engagement parties are typically given in celebration of the happy couples new announcement. In an effort to solve some of the biggest questions surrounding engagement parties, take a look at the FAQ section below.

Q: Now that we are engaged, when should we have the engagement party?

A: Engagement parties are typically held after the couple has made their decision official and only at a time that both the bride and groom to be can attend.

Q: Who is typically invited to engagement parties?

A: In general, engagement parties are often small and intimate. Reserved for close family and friends, engagement parties are a personal celebration of the couple’s announcement.

Q: Do we have to have an engagement party?

A: Engagement parties are becoming somewhat of an older tradition that is not so commonly upheld as in earlier years. As such, engagement parties are not required, but they are a lot of fun.

Q: Who is responsible for hosting the engagement party?

A: The majority of engagement parties are hosted by the parents of the bride. Held as a form of announcement, the parents are the most common hosts, but the groom’s parents, siblings of the bride or groom and even friends are within the rules of etiquette if they wish to host.

Q: Should invitations be sent for engagement parties?

A: Not necessarily, but they can be. Most opt for a phone call invite instead.

Q: Should the couple register for gifts prior to their engagement party?

A: No, this is not proper etiquette for engagement parties because this would indicate that gifts were expected at that time. Generally, gifts are not presented at engagement parties.

Q: Where should engagement parties be held?

A: Engagement parties can be held anywhere, including the home of either family, a restaurant or a more formal setting if so desired.

When it comes to engagement parties, the couple should be involved in every decision from the location to the date and time. Because it is the first celebration of their upcoming life together, this will be the first opportunity to gather with friends and family in celebration of their love. Above all else, engagement parties should be fun. So, enjoy!